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A few of the online marketing services I offer include..

Web Design:
– Website Set-Up with Custom Domain & Email
– Website Optimization (Increase Traffic/ Conversion & achieve business goals)
– Logo Design & Visual Promotional Materials
– Website & Advertising Copy

– Sitemap Creation – Verify website ownership, track search data & demographics
– Implementation of Meta-Tags (Description, Keyword)
– Keyword Research for Domain Set Up
– Strategies & tips for increasing visibility in search engine results

Public Relations:
– Customizing design materials & marketing copy
– Press Release Writing & Blog/ Publication Outreach
– Event planning
– Developing online brands & image consulting

Tracking & Assessment:
– Google Analytics- Web Traffic Results Tracking & Assessment
– Google Ad Sense- Ad Campaign Tracking & Optimization
– A/B Website Testing
– Social Media Tracking Dashboards & Google Alerts
– Facebook Insights assessments & reports

Social Media:
– Facebook Page set-up, Fan invites & content generation
– Promotional strategies to grow your online Fan Base and increase engagement
– Facebook & Google Ad Words campaign set-up/ implementation
– Marketing Promotion & Integration via Yelp, Tumblr, GroupOn, WordPress. Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Digg, Wikipedia, and more
– WordPress Setup, Installation, and Customization
– Blogging/Content Creation

– and more!..

If you want a free 1-hour consultation on your business or brand, drop me a line.


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