“Annalis was a dream for us as entrepreneurs who are new to social media. She’s incredibly knowledgeable and very patiently gave us step-by-step instructions on what we needed to do to build our brand. She also implemented a fantastic social media campaign four first TV appearance, and went above and beyond in helping us consistently grow the business. Annalis is a very smart and savvy woman who can deliver everything that you need to get your business up and running. We are so happy to have found her!”

‘Mix it Up LA’ founders Kim Lockhart and Luis Santiago

“Annalis- Thank you so much for your great work. I would like to say that Annalis Clint has done a wonderful job in creating our Facebook Site for ‘Saving The American Wild Horse’.  Annalis works with passion and dedication.”

James Anaquad Kleinert – Director

“Annalis was so great to work with.  She is very passionate about connecting with people, her optimism is infectious and she is a delight.  She is a very inspiring young woman who I would love to have on my team again in the future.”

Andrea Schell – Producer/ What Would Men Say?


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