Annalis on IMDb:

The Little Tailor Official Selection for the 2011 Hollywood Film Festival

Director- Seth Dalton, Co-Producers- Annalis Clint & Julie Pifher

Written by & Starring Justin Clark Dray, David Gueriera

Disney’s D23 Expo Recap– Segment Producer, Writer, Director

Give Up The Ghost– Writer/ Director- Jeffrey Hersh, Produced by Annalis Clint & Eric Van Aelstyn

Fragments– Directed by Richard Santiago, Produced by Annalis Clint, Co-Produced by Eric Van Aelstyn & Yili Li

Kill Katie Malone– Feature Film starring Stephen Colletti, Masiela Lusha and Lil J. Directed by Carlos Ramos Jr.

Kaboom– Feature Film, starring Thomas Dekker, Haley Bennett and Juno Temple. Directed by Greg Araki

Haiti Relief Benefit– Music Video

What Would Men Say?– Reality Web Series, Directed by Abigail Shafran

‘Pieces of Me’– Music Video starring Bobbi Valentino and Brittani Senser, produced by Julie Pifher

‘Count Jeff’– Fleuron Films/ JPIF Productions

Other Film Links:

  • Moving Cloud Productions– Emmy-Award Winning Filmmaker, Founder of non-profit organization, ‘Saving the American Wild Horse’


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